Our brand

BOMBO®. The leading vaping brand in Spain.

The leading vaping brand in Spain.

Vapers Experience has built a global prestige thanks, among other things, to its award-winning own products,
grouped within the leading trademark in Spain and with a notorious international reach: BOMBO®.

BOMBO® is synonymous of quality and know-how. Awarded for the best range of liquids in Spain.

Our innovative and ever-moving spirit has made BOMBO® the preferred brand for millions of ex-smokers who, with the help of our liquids, full of nuances ,consistency and safety, have found in vaping a 95% healthier alternative to smoking(*according to Public Health England).

Mediterranean Range

Purely Mediterranean experience converted into e-liquid, with the know-how characteristic of our land. Our most extensive and varied range. Bombo’s origin.

Golden Era Range

The range of our particular golden age. Bombo e-liquids at our maximum clarity and creative heydays. The masterful culmination of a successful project.

La Yaya Range

The best recipes from Bombo’s grandmother, in the form of e-liquid. Highly crafted, with the love and hallmark of our favourite cook.

Essential Vape Range

Optimised formulas, excellent flavours and reduced prices. Bombo’s economic range, but respecting the principles of quality and safety that define us.

Requiem Range

Range created in collaboration with El Mono Vapeador, a vaping leading referent within the Spanish-speakingcountries .Visit BOMBO® website for more information.

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Vapers Experience S.L.

Av. de la Riera, 10, nave 2, 08960 Sant Just Desvern,

Barcelona, Spain.

(+34) 937 822 242


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